Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is closed now. The Scientific Committee thanks for all these interesting contributions. Presenting authors will be informed about the acceptance of their abstract in late october.


Abstract guidelines

Abstract submission

Please submit your abstract online. Abstracts submitted by other means will not be considered. Abstract changes and corrections will be accepted until 14 September 2014 (extended to 5 October).

Length of Abstract

Your abstract should be written in English and may have a maximum limit of 2,500 characters which includes abstract text (spaces are counted). Titles, authors and institution are not included in the count.

Organization of Research in the Abstract

The abstract title should be as short and concise as possible. Your abstract may be written without the use of the following bolded headers (Background, Materials, Results, Conclusion). However, your abstract should include a one to two sentence introduction, the description of the methods used, the results obtained, and a conclusion with inclusion of its significance.
Please avoid unnecessary formatting as this might not be adopted in the final layout. The abstract title, authors, and affiliations should not be included in the body of the abstract. These will be picked up from other entries you made during the submission process.


If you need help with our abstract submission, click on the “?” that can be found on any webpage of the abstract submission tool.
A user's guide and an overview of all characters available can be downloaded as a PDF file at the Help main of the abstract submission tool.



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